Tips When Wearing Shorts To Stay Comfortable

Tips When Wearing Shorts To Stay Comfortable

Tips When Wearing Shorts are loved by almost every woman. Not only does it give a cool impression in hot weather, shorts also seem relaxed and stylish. What’s more, there are already many types of shorts that are no longer monotonous like denim shorts. There are hot pants that can highlight the buttocks area. These super short pants can also give the impression of a longer leg. There are also hot skorts that combine hot pants with mini skirts. Hot Skorts are usually more chic and have looser materials.

However, no matter how cute the shorts are, sometimes they also cause problems when worn. Several problems that arise eventually make the wearer feel uncomfortable.

Too Tight

Denim shorts usually fit the body. Sometimes, thick and inelastic denim actually makes the hips and upper thighs and waist areas feel tight. For that, choose hot pants or shorts made from elastic.

Too Short

Not every lady is into super short pants! For Fimela’s friends who don’t want to appear too revealing by wearing hot pants that slightly show the buttocks, it’s better to choose longer shorts. Shorts above the knee not only make you more comfortable, writes Cosmopolitan, they can also give the impression of longer legs.

Thigh Scratches and Irritation

Tips When Wearing Shorts To Stay Comfortable

Hot pants do make the body seem super sexy. But, sometimes for women who have online game thick thighs, the area in the thighs often rubs against each other. This will cause irritation and blisters. To overcome this, try to apply baby powder on the inner thigh area before traveling wearing hot pants. Or also use lotion to minimize friction.

Roll Up or Rise Up

Hot pants often rise to the top or roll up by themselves. So, hot pants become too short and fold as you walk. Usually, this happens because the pants are too tight. To prevent this from happening, try to wear looser-fitting shorts that don’t cling to your thighs.

Too Tight in the Hip Area

The hip area is indeed for some women wider than the waist area. This sometimes causes tight shorts to press against the hips and bladder. This of course is dangerous for health. For this reason, Fimela’s best friend should choose looser shorts or high-rise shorts.