The Most Famous Brand of Jeans in Indonesia

The Most Famous Brand of Jeans in Indonesia

The Most Famous – Who would not have jeans? surely this type of pants is sbobetcb owned by every body. In reality, chances are, jeans rule your wardrobe. that’s right, isn’t it?.

Jeans are indeed the maximum practical pants and can be worn anytime. Do you want to know the maximum famous jeans brand in Indonesia?.

The Most Famous Brand of Jeans in Indonesia


The most famous jeans logo in Indonesia became opened by Levi’s. Who here doesn’t know Levi’s? because of the popularity of Levi’s jeans, many human beings, specially Sundanese human beings, say “I need to buy lepis pants” when they are looking for jeans.

Lois Denims

With the tagline “sexy and iconic” the logo from Spain, Lois jeans, have become acknowledged to the arena within the 70s and 80s with its narrow suit denims and flares fashions. After being exceptional with both designs, now Lois denims is spreading its wings through increasing in nearly all nations in the international.

Red Jogger Jeans

Innovation within the fashion international is developing, certainly one of which is through the presence of jogger pants. The hallmark of this pants model is the outlet leg the usage of elastic rubber. The contemporary collection of 2nd pink Jogger jeans top rate everyday Waist ZA605 may be your excellent choice. productnation.

Wrangler Grey

The exceptional great jeans are within the Wrangler grey product series BRYSOIPCBC02P18. through inficool technology, namely with the help of cooling remedy and cooling cloth, those pants have superb breathable satisfactory and are very suitable to be worn in a heat and humid tropical climate like Indonesia. similarly, the layout of the pants could be very modern day with patch info at the knee. productnation.

Celsius Break Denim Productnation

Pants with torn knees could make your casual appearance look cooler. one among them, inclusive of the damage Denim Pants A8167C jeans produced through Celsius.

You may combine those slim fit ripped denims with a informal top within the form of a t-blouse or ready with a jacket and favorite shoes or boots. productnation.

Gudang Fashion CLN 1014 Productnation

Want new jeans, but the available price range is confined? No want to fear, you could get suitable fine jeans merchandise without the want to spend an excessive amount of. Gudang fashion is familiar with your wishes by way of providing thin denims CLN 1014.

Denims have a selection of models and colorations which might be growing from time to time so that the wearer in no way gets bored to mix and suit them with any kind of top. It simplest takes precision to get a good pleasant product, so that the pants bought can not simplest maximize appearance, they may be also durable and continue to be relaxed while worn. productnation.